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As a marketer, I ponder this idea often. How do I find the ideal buyer that really wants and needs my services—not because I want to sell them something—but because I have something they want or need?

Far too many B2B marketers still deploy the old, tired techniques of the early 2000s. They believe that if they build a new website, the buyer will come. They continue to deploy push marketing tactics such as advertising and email marketing in hopes that a message or offer will stick and a buyer will magically want to talk to their sales team.

It’s no surprise that our buyers have learned to ignore marketing that doesn’t offer the invitation to simply connect and to connect when they are ready to connect.

Where do we go to find answers? Well, among the choices, the majority of our questions begin on a Google search and will continue online through various forums, reviews, and recommendations. If you want to read more on how that works, check out my last blog titled, Search Engine Optimization & Conversion Rate Optimization.

It’s the genuine, helpful approach to a buyer’s inquiry—at the time the buyer is inquiring—that makes it easy (and attractive) for a buyer to connect with your brand when it makes sense to connect.

It seems like maybe all B2B marketing teams are on a path after all.

Here are 4 valuable tactics you can deploy to connect with your buyer and to start a beautiful new relationship:

  1. Be Likeable
    When a buyer finds you through a Google keyword search, do you look like the answer to the problem they are seeking? Do you provide real answers and a path to better education? If you are a technology reseller, do you look like you are technology-forward? Will the buyer be able to see and learn more about the team behind the brand? People like people. Be likable.
  2. Provide Value
    Once you have a thorough understanding of the needs and issues of your target market, create content that provides value and solutions to those issues. Whatever you put out there should help your buyer be more educated about the next steps they must take to solve their problem. Have you heard the quote from Tom Fishburne that says, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”? He’s saying the same thing—your marketing should feel like value and not like you’re trying to sell something.
  3. Be easy to find. Be where (and when) your buyer searches. YouTube has a skip button. Email accounts have delete. Even television has a ton of options for viewers to sail right past commercials (or use platforms that don’t have them). If you’re not meeting your audience on their terms, you will be tuned out. So your job is to find the platform, format, time of day and delivery method that works for your target.
  4. Figure out why you are being ignored.
    If you build your website, they will come, right? WRONG. In fact, it’s possible that you will spend countless hours on marketing education that no one will read or engage. Measure and monitor what resonates with your buyer. Use A/B testing and a comprehensive lead management system to take a good hard look at what is working and what isn’t. You won’t know what posts, platforms, content formats and posting times work until you honestly measure the results. So, don’t let your “profile” be ignored. Constantly work to make it attractive.

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